"Safetrans", configured employing blood transfusion and logic rules to support good transfusion practice, tracks, records and act on each step of the blood transfusion process, right from donor selection to the blood component being transfused to the patient, tracking the entire cycle. SafeTrans enables blood banks to eliminate cognitive process based bias errors from every stage of the blood transfusion process. It ensure that, under a defined set of circumstances, the system will consistently take the actions specified as per the blood transfusion rules configured.

"BSTS" Patient bed side transfusion safety application helps hospitals achieve bed side transfusion safety and traaceability. It includes Haemovigilance, transfusion tracking and adverse reaction reporting. BSTS is a plug and play application and can be integrated with multiple HIS and related systems. It has a built in reporting for compliance and a unique haemovigilance module with option of encrypted locking.

'dHealth' focuses on blood donor health, streamlines the highly scattered blood collection process and blood request process with the objective of reducing the demand supply gap of blood components along with high and fast availability of blood components. "dhealth" brings the different players of blood transfusion ecosystem i.e. Donors, Organisers, Bloodbanks, Hospitals and Patients on one platform. "dhealth" enables centralized donor identification, forecasting, emergency demand management and inturn achieves high availability and fast availability of blood components. dhealth includes unique emergency donor automated recruitment application, camp drive management module and biometric donor identification system. dhealth has the unique.

"Donor Self Check In" A innovative module for Donor registration, identification and pre donation screening. Integrated with smart phone, tabs and touch screen kiosk, this module helps Donors to screen themselves in an interactive manner leading to high quality donors. Donor self check in module has helped hospitals, blood banks increase the quality of blood donors. It is backed by multilingual capabilities as well.